Everything you need to know about Mother and Son, Father and Daughter Dance

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Ah, the first wedding dance is a tradition where the bride and the groom dance with their parents to show them honor; as this is the time of celebration. So combined parent dance will create a sweet memory of the family. Through the dance, some people try to show their bond and caring relationship between parents and their children, whereas some dance to display their friendly relations.

As you are willing to celebrate your marriage in a traditional way, including the parent dance is a must. However you might be thinking about which song to choose, how long should it last, where to practice, and how to make it memorable for their parents? So here are some tips that will help to find solutions to your thoughts:

When to dance

After exchanging the ring or taking the oath of the wedding, the bride and groom dance for the first dance, you can combine your parent dance in between the couple dance or you can add the parent dance after you finish the couple dance. Else, if you cannot adjust it during your first dance, then you can also arrange it after the cake cutting ceremony.

Which song to choose

Some people choose heartfelt songs that make everyone sad, but it’s better to choose such songs that will spread happiness, the music might be slow or fast doesn’t matter. If your parent has any physical limitations, then try to choose a slow song that will create an intimate moment between you and your parent. On the other hand, if your parent is fit enough, then choose upbeat music.

The time of dance

A lot of modern songs play for an average of five minutes. You can arrange the complete dance program, including the couple dance and the parent dance for a total time of 20 minutes. So, the best time for the dance performance is before serving the food to the guests. A smart choice is to allow your dance professional to help you cut the music down to around 3 minutes to make you more relaxed.

Rehearsing the dance

Professional dance routines are about 2 minutes long. It would require considerable time for a beginner dancer to learn a five-minute-long dance. Also, there is a pressure of remembering the choreography becomes challenging for most people. So, you must spend much more time to practice with your parents and do not forget to practice on stage/place where you will be performing on your D-Day.

Make it special

Spend as much as quality time while having a meal and practicing your dance lessons. A long time had passed since childhood when your parents had spent some time with you while you were doing any school project or any assignment. Spending time during dance lessons will make them know that spending time with your parents means a lot to you. Click some pictures with them as it will remain with you forever as a memory.

Now that you have learned about the tradition of parent dance while practicing the ballroom dance lessons, you can add some creativity of your own, or you can choose any other form of dance particularly for the parent dance.

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